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Xiamen Diankun Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Diankun Technology Co., Ltd.
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Factory Tour
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Putian City ensure double win machinery Co.
Established: March 2002
Factory area: 800 square
Annual trading volume: 5 million
Number of employees: 200
Factory Address: No.29 Fangban, Qing Yang Village, Pinghai Town, Xiuyu District, Putian, Fujian
Main business: Hardware tools, jewelry tools and equipment
Integrity grade: AAA
Qualification: CE certification, ISO certification
Factory Introduction: The production and wholesale of ring ruler, ring ring ring, hand crank press, hanging grinder, grinding machine, polishing machine, engraving machine, plating machine, fusion welding machine, fusion gold, tools sell well in the consumer market, enjoy a high status among consumers, the company has established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with a number of retailers and agents. Ltd. distributes a complete range of ring rulers, ring rings, hand crank presses, hanging grinders, grinding machines, polishing machines, engraving machines, electroplating machines, fusion welding machines, fusion gold, tools at reasonable prices. Ltd. is strong, credit, contract, product quality assurance, with a variety of business characteristics and the principle of thin profit and more sales, won the trust of our customers.


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Xiamen Diankun Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 0